Hotel Management Software


Increased Bookings


Stay assured about increased booking when you have a hotel management system in place. After all, the ultimate aim of this solution is boosting hotel bookings. Whether you are keen on increasing off-season bookings or wish to expand your offerings to new market segments, with right hotel management software in place you are certain to make a mark.



Better revenue management


A fruitful revenue management strategy can be integrated into the system. As with the use of several pricing tools, it is easier to create flexible room pricing strategy and this way revenue generated per room can be maximized. Meanwhile, in this competitive industry, pricing the rooms right is imperative and with the help of these tools, it can be done efficiently.


Manage Distribution


Your reach across the industry can be improved with a hotel management system as it integrated with a channel manager and hence enable you to advertise and promote your hotel business across various channels while also maintaining rate parity. Be it large OTAs or GDSs or even independent retail agents, real-time booking information can be provided to all of them and this will ultimately lead to an increased booking.


Builds a relationship with guests


This system will greatly benefit in developing a good relationship with your target audience as well as identify new markets to enter into. This way, the travelers who loved their stay at your hotel, will further appreciate the enhanced experience. Besides, new technology also helps in reaching out to the new markets.


Administrative tasks can be completed in lesser time


It is helpful in minimizing the time usually spent in accomplishing administrative tasks.? When you zero upon the suitable hotel management system, things get easier, as then your efforts & energy can be put on the bigger picture. Besides, the technology offers valuable data regarding how employees are performing their tasks & duties, and that how this impact employee retention, productivity, and satisfaction. It is crucial to automate a lot of tasks in today?s fast-paced world, and a right hotel management software offers it all to you. So, these were the various benefits of hotel management system, now next let?s explore the features of modules.   





This module is to manage the sales that take place through the hotel management system.

  • Rates
  • Reservation
  • Group
  • Inventory
  • Inquiry



This section is for the maintenance of the daily arrangements.


  • Work Order Scheduling
  • Email & SMS Alert
  • Reports
  • Items Management


Banquet Hall:


This section is to handle all the activities related to the Banquet Hall.


  • Booking & Reservation
  • Menu Card Definition:
  • Event Quotations:
  • Event Planning:


Back Office:


All the back office work and functionalities are handled from here.


  • City Ledger / Direct Billing
  • Company & Travel Agent Invoicing
  • Statements
  • Advance Deposit & Guest Ledger


Front Desk:


This section is to manage the front desk functionalities.


  • Night Audit
  • Reservation / Booking
  • Room Allotments
  • Room Allocation as per Preference
  • Best Occupancy Level Allocation
  • Check-In
  1. Configure Charges
  2. Generate Electronic Card Key
  3. Guest Notifications
  4. Internal Notification
  5. Bar or Unbar Phones
  6. Share Information with Third-Party Software
  7. Early Check-In Charges
  8. Live Inventory Update
  9. Black Listed Guest Alerts
  10. Day-Use Charge
  • Check-Out
  1. Late Check-Out Fee
  2. Guest Billing
  3. Folio Transfer
  4. Check Point
  5. Gate Pass Printing
  6. Automated Feedback Form
  7. Alerts for Housekeeping
  8. Real-Time inventory Update
  9. Registration Card and E-Signature
  10. Billing- Payment Modes


Group Management


  • Group Bookings / Reservations
  • Group Check-Out


House Keeping:


This section is to manage all the tasks and functionalities managed in housekeeping.


  • Inventory Consumption
  • Task Assignment
  • Schedule
  • Maid Management
  • Costing




  • Minibar Billing
  • Item Assignment
  • Item Issue / Return
  • Item Breakage




  • Guest Laundry
  • Hotel Laundry
  • Daily Linen
  • Laundry Items
  • Delivered / Undelivered Items


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