Logistics Enterprise

( Logistics ERP )


ERP software has features / modules to manage users, customers, suppliers, manufacturers, Quotations, Depot, Warehouse, Transport, Sales, Inventory & Accounts. With the help of this Logistics ERP Software supply chain company users can have control over the warehouse activities that reduce overhead and operational costs besides improve customer service that offers a sustainable competitive advantage.


With this feature rich Software Logistics service providers, Supply chain Management service providers can improve business workflow and increase speed that will bring business success.



User Management


Admin user can provide proper accessibility to the intended functions of the system and enable execution of transactions. A module that allows user to define different levels of access to information in the application, by defining specific groups of users, user roles with privileges, handle all the masters that are used in the freight activities.




  • Create Employee Profile
  • Assign role based duties
  • Assign Access Privilege
  • Department wise & Associated Networks
  • Create & manage groups & roles
  • Configure approval hierarchy
  • Centralised access to masters
  • Secured Access
  • Mac for computers / IMEI for Mobile Devices




  • Unambiguous Work Flow
  • Reduced Paper Work
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Profit Margins
  • Systematic Operational Methodologies
  • Customer Relationship Management



Customer Relationship Management


Customer Relationship Management(CRM) module helps companies create profiles for prospects, move them to existing/new customer list, fix credit limits, schedule appointments etc. & manage company’s interactions with them. This module meets the most critical needs of the organization and helps discover customer preferences.


Further, log details such as source of the lead, contact address, current setup and usage, type of lead, industry segment & geography and the potential of the lead to improve business intelligence and attain greater success.



  • Create Customers/ Suppliers/ Agents Profile
  • Mange entire sales leads & quotations
  • Schedule appointments & get notifications
  • Extensive reports for analysis
  • Batch wise sales pipeline report
  • Feasibility to re-allocate sales persons
  • Monitor Sales person wise Progress history


  • customer experience
  • Improved Marketing Efforts & Customer Experience
  • automated analytics and report
  • Automated analytics and Reporting
  • Administrative Support
  • More Administrative Support
  • Increased Accountability
  • Increased Accountability
  • Identifying the sources of customer growth
  • Identifying the sources of customer growth
  • Communication Team Collaboration
  • Better Internal Communication / Team Collaboration
  • empowered sales management
  • Empowered Sales Management
  • enhanced contact management
  • Enhanced contact management
  • Eliminate tedious data entry and duplication
  • Eliminate tedious data entry and duplication
  • critical business procedures
  • Standardize critical business procedures
  • Makes forecasting simpler & accurate
  • customer satisfaction and retentionIncreased customer satisfaction and retention


Quotation Management


Web based Quotation Management System enables the system users to create the commercial quotation for the various services provided across Logistics industry. It has outstanding features that streamline the business process and allows organization to create, submit and track quotes. It’s ideal to create, revise/modify, monitor, complex quotations and document all the enquiries, generate accurate quotes on time, increase productivity, reduce turnaround time. The module has provisions to include additional charges for transportation, local charges and others (if any), customers can approve the quotation from their end by logging into the system. The quotations generated from QMS would serve as an input to the deals.


The services for which quotations can be generated are as below

  • Air & Sea -Import/Export Quote with tariff
  • Sea Import & Air Export quote with Tariff
  • All in rate air & Sea Import/ Export – without Tariff
  • Quote for Warehouse Storage (open, covered, cold, hazardous)
  • Quote for Container repairing with tariff
  • Quote for container conversion (Houses, restaurants, shops)
  • Quote for custom clearance of goods (local& international)




  • Support quotation generation and manage central repository for all the quotes
  • Handle billing and shipping information within the application
  • Ability to select the required currency type and validity period of the quotation
  • Quote can be created for Customer or Agent based on the need
  • Integrated roles and permission management for multiple users.
  • Different Types of quotations can be maintained based on the customer needs like Freight Quotes (Air & Sea Import & Exports, Logistics, Custom Clearance, Container Repair, Conversion, Depot Other Items & International Projects)
  • Customer centric tariff can be generated . Once approved this tariff can be converted into customer tariff(quotations)
  • Create, manage and submit quote through a standard process
  • Revision of quotes can be done as many times needed without any additional work from beginning
  • Quote for multiple origin & destination can be created in single quotation. For example Hamburg(HAM) to Dubai(DXB) and Hong Kong(HKG) to Dubai(DXB).
  • Flexible option to include additional charges (Local Clearance & Transportation Charges)
  • Easy tracking of quotation on each process like submit, approval & rejection process based on hierarchical privileges





  • uicker conversion of existing open quotes into jobs
  • Quicker conversion of existing open quotes into Jobs
  • Increases success and reduces the costs of failure
  • Increases success and reduces the costs of failure
  • Central Platform for all services
  • Seamless tracking and reporting features
  • Reduced The turnaround time from day to minutes
  • Reduce the turnaround time
  • Eliminate errors Improves
  • Automated process for getting quotation approvals from high authorities
  • Reduce unnecessary paper works and errors
  • Increase sales forecasts for booked orders


Depot Management


Depot Management System enables the Freight Management Companies to book orders, deal with truck, to manage the transactions related to container repair, container conversion and storage handling activities. It has modules that work together to effectively support and maximize productivity, by leveraging these clients can have real-time operational visibility required to stay ahead of the curve. Here you can record containers gate in / out status, job order/ work order progress, transfers, inspection, EIR out entry, complete container storage statistics, transfer of cost and ownership reports in detail.





  • Streamlined management of container movement and repairs, conversion throughout service operation
  • Manages and supports container gate in/out process
  • Tracking container history for every movements
  • Manages daily work order and their progress
  • Manages Depot Operations with CODECO EDI Solution
  • Manages container inspections
  • Manages inventory movements for suppliers
  • Integrated with inventory and accounts modules
  • VAT enabled accounting system with multi-currency invoicing
  • Month end storage & repair invoice generation




  • Improved tracking of Containers
  • Month end process for Storage and Repair activities
  • Reduces paper work and manual data management
  • Extensive reports for all the data
  • Increased customer satisfaction & Improved profit margins
  • Comprehensive billing
  • Automatic container check digit calculation
  • Seamless work flow for the transactions



Transport Management


A comprehensive Transport Management Software that help administrate and execute transport activities, as well allow users to place, confirm and execute a transport request. The aim of this module is to provide seamless transport service and maximize the return on your transportation spend. It supports client by providing real time visibility on shipment status and serves client’s business decisions that drive cost savings.


The services done through this module are Consolidated transport, Dedicated transport, Document Tracking System.


Transport Management System (TMS) helps us to virtually track the logistics movements of containers via road for both LCL (Less Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) Containers. The services done through this module are Consolidated transport, Dedicated transport, Document Tracking System.


Consolidated transport – Consolidate goods of multiple customer, location and goods in single trip based on delivery sequence.


Dedicated transport – Dedicated trip for a particular customer at single destination point.


Document Tracking System – To control the documents submitted to customs for clearance, managing inspections and deposits paid against the Standing Guarantee


Third party Transporters – Hire and manage third party transporters




  • Manage local road transport requests from other modules such as
  • Depot Management & Warehouse Management
  • Requests can be assigned to transporters & status can be tracked
  • Mobile enabled delivery tracking system to track data then and there.
  • Hire and manage third party transporters with accounts integration
  • Consolidation of goods based on volume, location & delivery time for both LCL and FCL
  • E-Confirmation by customers / shipper on goods receiving / delivery
  • Integrated with scanner and barcode reader. Multiple document scanning can be done and uploaded
  • The following entities will play crucial productive role in the module
  • Account Handler
  • Documentation Assistant
  • Messenger Coordinator
  • Transport Coordinator




  • Transport Request
  • Transport Request
  • Consolidated and Dedicated Trips
  • Consolidated and Dedicated Trips
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Detailed delivery
  • Detailed delivery address and DDR
  • Manage third party transporters with tariff
  • Manage third party transporters with tariff
  • Enhanced Document Tracking System
  • Enhanced Document Tracking System
  • Mobile App for driver with Signature facility
  • Mobile App for driver with Signature facility
  • Provides analytic reports for data driven decision making



Freight Forwarding


This is an acutely cohesive system that meet end-to-end needs of Freight Forwarders. It integrates with every aspect of freight forwarding operation like consolidation, import and export, transhipment, on-forwarding etc. for air freight, ocean freight and customs activities, and drives complete automation. Our Freight forwarding system ensures to drive efficiency and improve bottom line results through real-time information exchange during the entire freight operations process. With this execution of import and export shipments for all modes of domestic/international transportation is of great ease.


freight forwarding system





  • Streamlined management of custom clearance
  • Support for complete quotation management system
  • Stand Alone Clearance: Customer specifically request to clear the goods from the Air/Sea Ports
  • Freight Forwarding with Custom Clearance: Clearing & Forwarding the goods from port and delivers to Customer Address/Warehouse
  • Organize tracking of routing order and maintains log with Agent status
  • Manages Direct(Single) & Console (Consolidate) process based on the customer needs for air & ocean freight shipments for Import/Export activities.
  • Sub Jobs can be created for Console Jobs
  • Able to transfer the cost from the main to sub jobs
  • Classification of commodities based on Harmonized System(HS) Code
  • Enhance to create additional charges for services along with few standard charges
  • Cargo Arrival Notification can be prepared for easy reference
  • Integrated with Accounts Modules.
  • System enabled with VAT in accounting
  • The following entities will play crucial productive role in the module
  • Account Handler
  • Documentation Assistant
  • Messenger Coordinator
  • Transport Coordinator




  • Tracking Routing Order
  • Tracking Routing Order
  • Easy to create the rule for routing order
  • Transport documentation can be generated with few clicks
  • Auto Email trigger to Customer
  • Automatic Email trigger to Customer to get the approval / track the orders
  • Maintaining Clearance & Forwarding Jobs
  • Maintaining Clearance & Forwarding Jobs
  • Capturing
  • Capturing HS Code for the Job
  • Various possible
  • Various possible interfaces and EDI links
  • Track the finance
  • Track the finance and accounting details efficient and fast




Warehouse Management




Client is a distributor of health and natural foods. The company’s distribution zones weren’t organized to act in a time-efficient manner.


Business Requirement


As the client was experiencing high labor costs for transporting temperature-controlled food products between four buildings on its campus they opted for SNSF’s Ware house management solution that automates the process & helps control the movement and storage of materials effectively within a warehouse before the distribution processes.


Solution Provided


To overcome client's supply chain related pain points, our team did consultation and optimized the internal flow process by analyzing their material flow process & redesigning it to one distribution center with various temperature controlled zones to increase efficiency.

Further we shifted the non-mechanized system to a mechanized from paper to radio-frequency (RF) devices with voice-based technology. SNSF managed the move of $25 million of inventory and trained the company team on new system processes.  We provided our WMS with few customizations to ensure seamless transition at every stage of distribution, starting from storage to delivery which would not only lower their transportation cost but also support for any future upgradation that might raise to meet plans and help them keep pace with growth projections.




  • Reduced labor costs by over 30%
  • Doubled productivity by minimizing repetitive tasks
  • Improved stock control & inventory tracking
  • WMS Implementation took minimal go-live time
  • Assured the stuck-free internal flow
  • Automating the process Saved time










Mobile Apps & Reports




  • Easy to use interfaces
  • IMEI based secure access
  • Transfer / Upload documents to server instantly
  • Common barcode system to easy tracking data and documents




  • Secured and Instant transfer of data between server and client
  • Smart planning and utilization of resources to gain more profit
  • Easy tracking of the delivery / pick-up of goods
  • Helps to automate warehouse operations such as picking, loading, put away etc.,
  • Able to view the status of the various operations
  • Smoothen the communication between field staffs and account managers
  • Eliminating the time and costs of printing, faxing, mailing, copying, scanning and filing in paper formats through E-Signature
  • Google Map integration for easy tracking of the destination


Report Features


  • Extensive reports shall be generated such as Sales Activity Report, Pipeline Report etc.,
  • Quotation can be generated in PDF
  • Container Stock Tracking Report
  • Invoice Tracking Report




  • Trade Line Report
  • Non Sales Visit Activity Report
  • Sales Activity Report
  • Appointment Report
  • Sales Executive KPI
  • Assistant Sales Manager KPI
  • Month End Summary & Detail Report
  • Sector wise Sales Report
  • Volume and Opportunity Trend Report






  • EDI Generation Report
  • Repair & Storage Statement Report
  • Daily Activity Register
  • EIR Transactions
  • Depot Stock (3rd party) Containers
  • Material Requisition Register
  • Stock Reports
  • Billed Summary & Detail Report
  • Un Invoiced Report




  • Freight Quotation Report
  • Enquiry Summary Log
  • Expected Business Summary Log


Warehouse & Freight Forwarding


  • Billed Summary & Detail Report
  • Un Invoiced Report
  • Open Reserve Report
  • Top 20 Customers
  • DDR Receipt




  • Tracking & breakdown of data can be adjusted, to visualize huge / complex data
  • Risk Identification can be clear and helps to identify where to improve and to take next steps
  • Able to view the profit clearly, and manage your budget with full visibility
  • Quick access to view the reports across all the departments in a single click
  • Gives you full insight into how the operations are progressing
  • Allows you to see the progress, stagnation and helps you to take decision making
  • Comparison of data with graphical representation for check the relationships in the data
  • Result / trend can be visualized within a specific time frame


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